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Glucosamine: ingredient of Evergreen

Synergic function of Glucosamine and Chondroi-
tin Sulfate

Do not underestimate that we can find a synergy between the two active ingredients, going to strengthen individual performance. In the United States are implementing clinical trials coordinated by the NIH (National Institute of Health), which is expected to last three years and will involve more than 3000 individuals with the task of comparing the results of this combination of substances with that of other anti-inflammatory drugs.


Glucosamine: ingredient of EvergreenIn recent times, it has received significant interest from research-
ers in respect of chondroprotective agents (chondroitin sulfate, hyalu-
ronic acid, glucosamine) as active ingredients for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Although additional studies are needed definitive, it is already clear that the intra-articular hyaluronic acid is very useful for the lubrication of the joints, while also reducing inflammation and swelling.

A particular interest has been directed to the use of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate which, introduced in dietary formulations who are assimilated orally, appear to play a synergistic role in order to limit the development of osteoarthritis. The ease of use and the total absence of contraindications can promote a new approach for the treatment of osteoarthritis disease the whose path was considered almost uncontrollable until a few years ago.

The glucosamine is a substance that the human body has the ability to synthesize. It participates in the production of glycosaminoglycans, which are essential for the health of the cartilage. In the same way as other useful parts, with the attrition, the amount of glucosamine generated by the body is reduced and the cartilages of course deteriorate. A research (such as the one that appeared in the scientific journal “Lancet”), has documented that supplementation with glucosamine may stop the osteoarthritis in 85% of cases. No negative consequence worthy of note was recorded while taking glucosamine orally.

Further analysis revealed that the positive effect of glucosa-
mine is enhanced if it is associated to the chondroitin, a substance that attracts and holds water that is useful to sustain and lubricate the joints.
For preventive use, the recommended dosage (for people between 54 and 90 kg body weight) is 750 mg. per day of glucosamine and 600 mg. chondroitin, usually divided into three doses. Under conditions of arthritis already at an advanced stage, such doses may be duplicates.

The drugs usually recommended are anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which can certainly control the painful symptoms but are by now well known gastrointestinal side effects, associated with prolonged intake. The studies and researches are never interrupted and have followed various curative methods comprising, for example, the opportunity to intervene on the origin of the problem of the joint disorder. This could be the case of glucosamine sulfate.

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