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Glucosamine: ingredient of Evergreen

Structure of cartilage (continued ...)

The Osteoarthritis, on the contrary, develops if the cartilage is damaged more quickly compared to the period used by the body to avvicendarla. At this juncture, there is a lower production of glycosaminoglycans, which determines a reduction of the bonds between collagen and proteoglyca-
ns. The consequence is a greater demand for water within the matrix, which results in a lower resistance of cartilage, limiting its regular job and support. This course develops inevitably snervando the joint damage and ensuring that, over the years, could become incurable.

Only the 2-3% of cases osteoarthritis arise from accidents or injuries to joints, by innate disability or additional diseases under these circumstances is called secondary osteoarthri-
tis. The percentage more remarkable is delineated by primary osteoarthritis (localized or diffuse), arising apparen-
tly without compelling reasons but only with the advance of years. The primary ostoartriti are found most likely over 50 years. Some studies report that after 65 years, 75% of peo-
ple are afflicted with osteoarthritis more or less important.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

The two possibilities that for specialists should have a method of treatment to cure osteoarthritis are:

  • Reduce the symptoms of the disorder
  • Prevent disease progression

With the traditional treatment methods we are accustomed to act through surgery, the change of habits of life of patients or medication.
The surgery is certainly very useful but it is recommended only in the most dire of circumstances.
The effort to change certain attitudes in the wrong way of life is quite difficult. It is well known that a drop in body weight,a healthier nutrition and light and a physical activity targeted are reasons which would produce benefits but are often painfully feasible in daily life.
The use of treatment with non-steroidal and anti-inflamma-
tory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) And corticosteroids, has a timely result on inflammatory states that are the result of chance of pain but most often are the cause of concomitant effects not marginal as the ’onset of necrosis renal, gastric ulcers, decreased immune activity and also does not stop the osteoarthritis and not have regenerative effects or regenerating.

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