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Evergreen: frequently asked question

It is true that Evergreen relieves pain of the osteoarthritis in dogs, cats and even horses? Yes, Glucosamine has been used to relieve pain in horses long before that for humans. Now, with the high glucosami-
ne requirements as those contained in Evergreen and synergistically active with the other 6 ingredients in the formula, your dog or cat will surely can cure the arthritis. Evergreen is particularly suitable for dysplasia of the hip.

To most dogs and cats likes the taste and the administrati-
on of the product is easy to implement. For 15% of the cases we had to put Evergreen in their daily ration of food.

What can be done to rebuild the cartilage after undergoing knee surgery? It’s really complicated define the percentage of the reinstatement of the cartilage deteriorated because in the ruined may have consumed the fluid that lubricates and physiological condition of the regeneration. Glucosamine and chondroitin active in Evergreen favors the formation of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, restoring the chara-
cteristics of the cartilage by blocking the harmful enzymes that spoil.

What happens if the cartilage is completely gone? How it works in this case Evregreen? From the moment in which the cartilage is missing, Evergreen will promote the regeneration of cartilage. In most cases, Evergreen wins this challenge.
Evergreen will be activated to recover the entire cartilage which will be remained and will calm the pain resulting from this condition

In Evergreen there are so many other natural ingredients that work synergistically with each other, what are they? Visit the page Composition of Evergreen.

There are additional instructions in addition to those written on the product label? The duration of Evergreen is at least 3 years from the manufacturing date and the month and year of expiration are printed on the label along with the lot number. The preservation of the product is at ambient temperature. The bottle is darkened in order to repair the tablets from light.

Make some special promotion? Yes well as discounts for multiple orders from the fourth package ordered you get a free bottle.

And if you are not satisfied with the product? Evergreen is offered with “MONEY BACK”: full guarantee. This will determine the concrete validity of the product and also determine the degree of satisfaction obtained.

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