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Evergreen: frequently asked question

What is the composition of Evergreen? Visit the page Composition of Evergreen.

Why Evergreeen is reputed as one of the most effective supplements on the market today for the treatment of the arthritis? Researchers Wonderup-Naturdieta were concerned to formulate and propose a high-quality product. To do so, have used exclusively components with more quality. Our composition has been studied to ensure the greatest absorption of the product and a fast improvement of painful symptoms. The effect of this formula provides results already after 12/15 days of taking the product.

Are there side effects? Evergreen is a very safe product. There is little information that consumers need to know. Do not take Evergreen if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you have diabetes you need to perform testing of all blood regularly, even if it has been shown that glucosamine does not increase the levels of blood sugar.
If you are allergic to shellfish you should monitor your reaction and reported to your doctor any symptoms that you experience.
A small percentage of people who take glucosamine reported having had a slight diarrhea. If it happens it will be sufficient to assume Evergreen at meals.

Evergreen interact with medications? Evergreen is a totally natural product and does not interact with any medication.

Evergreen is sold in pharmacies or herbalist? We prefer to sell our products directly to our customers and we are able to offer the best possible price. We ship the products around the world. For our customers we offer a special order form and we make pay the shipping costs but are modest costs (€ 12.00). You can also order online by credit card whether you are in Italy or whether you are abroad.

How do I buy Evergreen?
Our company accepts credit cards from national and international clients. You can order on line and pay by credit card. You can also place orders by calling the numbers:

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If you require further information or wish to contact us via email or writing to us via postal mail, visit the Contact us: you will find all the necessary information.

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