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Evergreen: frequently asked question

What is the correct dosage of Evergreen? Visit the page Posology of Evergreen.

Can increase pain after the start of treatment? If you are suffering from arthritis for a long time is almost certain that the cartilage in parts suffering, are totally gone.
Evergreen regenerates the new cartilage that needs to shape a space between the joints worn and particularly in cases of osteoarthritis cervical and lumbar.

It can be assumed Evergreen with other medicines? Yes. It was found that those taking the anti-inflammatory treatment are able to reduce doses and in some cases eliminate this completely.

Who manufactures Evergreen? Evergreen is duly notified by the Ministry of Health and is produced by a company regularly controlled by the Italian Health Care Services.

I have already had surgery to hip; Evergreen can help me? Yes Evergreen is considered effective by many doctors for muscle tone and is also appropriate for the recovery of the cartilage.

Evergreen is fattening? No, Evergreen do not causes fattening and it is slightly diuretic.

Can you stop the intake of Evergreen when you are better? No, it is not advisable. When you have no more pain you should reduce the daily quantity of tablets from four to two. The active ingredients of Evergreen are components that the body does not produce more independently and for this reason it is necessary to provide means of integration in order to maintain a good state of the cartilages.

In case of digestive disorders? Evergreen is a natural product without dangers. Many patients have found that Evergreen normalizes bowel function.

In case of diabetes and / or stomach ulcer? No contraindication. The oral supplements based on glucosamine did not significantly alter glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes. However, if you have diabetes you have to maintain control of blood regularly.

The assumption of Evergreen can cause fluid retention in the legs? In no case. There is no relationship.

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