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Willow: natural ingredient of E > Micra

The COX-2 are, in turn, responsible for providing prolonged physiological solutions such as pro-inflammatory stimuli or growth factors (under certain conditions of neoplastic nature) but even ovulation or childbirth.

The enzyme PGHS is then diversified by two different active sites called site cyclo-oxygenase and peroxidase enzyme site with which transforms arachidonic acid released from membrane phospholipids.
Pharmacological properties: the main pharmacological properties of salicylates and their healing properties.

The most important pharmacological properties of the salicylates are analgesic and antipyretic. All Salicylates have antipyretic activity, analgesic and anti-inflammatory in a variable amount between salt and salt. Acetylsalicylic acid is absolutely the most important active principle and it is used as a term of comparison for the whole group.

The Salicylates are widely used in algesie. It does not appear tolerance or dependence during prolonged therapy. By means of nerve stimulation of the dental tissue, has been documented experimentally raising the threshold of pain and an increase of the endurance of the same.

In the therapy of headache common, acetylsalicylic acid explicit action analgesic growing dependent on the amount up to 500 mg. The medicinal activity of acetylsalicylic acid appears to be 1.5 times greater than that of salicylic acid.
A high body temperature reduces Salicylates quickly and fast through perspiration.

Antirheumatic property

Salicylates have been for nearly a century, the preferred drugs in the treatment of arthropathy, with the aim of alleviating suffering, inflammation and maintain joint mobility and prevent deformation.

Antiaggregatory Platelet

Acetylsalicylic acid is daily administered in the indicated amounts of 100-250 mg. to increase the flow of blood and thus prevent heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis.

Side effects of willow (Salix alba)

There are no known major side effects.


It should be given with caution in patients who are allergic to salicylates. It is not appropriate during pregnancy and lactation.

Pharmacological Integration

There are no known drug integrations.

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