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Analysis of migraine headache

Thematics annexed to E > MicraMigraine is a severe neurological problem and not just a “little bit of a headache”. Since there are many individuals who are afflicted by migraines, it is plausible that family or friends will also be affected.
Many of them think to identify all the pains as migraine but even if done with good intentions, the evaluation of migraine must be decreed by a doctor who has the required knowledge to make a correct diagnosis.

The correct behavior to follow if you notice signs of migraine consists of performing an assessment by your doctor and if he deems it appropriate, will suggest a specialist assessment by the neuropathologist, who will implement the specific tests to diagnose and probably will have therapy.

To facilitate the comprehension to understand if your headaches are migraines, we have inserted below a brief questionnaire used with patients by dr. Lipton of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, USA. Giving an answer to these 3 questions, you will be in a position to understand if your is migraine and if you have to ask a doctor’s advice.

Test of Dottor Lipton
Albert Einstein College of Medicine – New York

Question n. 1: Have you ever had headaches that have forced you to stay in bed? Yes / No

Question n. 2: When you have a headache you feel sick or noise in the form painful torments you? Yes / No

Question n. 3: Your headache will affect only one side and would you represent them as one-sided? Yes / No

If you are given 3 times the answer “Yes” or 2 times “Yes” and 1x “No”, almost certainly your headaches appear as migraine. We invite you to seek medical advice.
If you are given 3 times the answer “No”, presumably your headaches are not migraines. However, it is recommended that an assessment by your doctor to examine your symptoms.

The conclusions obtained from the module above should in no way replace a medical examination. The physician is the most suitable person to make a fair assessment for any specific case.

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