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Spirea: natural ingredient of E > Micra

Spirea: natural ingredient of E > MicraThe Spirea ulmaria is part of the Rosaceae family and is a perennial herbaceous plant. The active ingredients are the fruits seconds or racemes of white flowers and very aromatic, from which, after maceration, it acquires an essential oil composed mainly of methyl salicylate, also known as oil of wintergreen, which is used for external use in joint diseases and muscles.

The-component encloses especially salicylic acid and its derivatives such as methyl salicylate and salicyl aldehyde, which in the human body are converted into salicylic acid, flavonoids, tannins (spireoside), mucilages, mineral salts and vitamin C.

The salicylic acid derivatives are endowed with properties antiphlogistic, analgesic and antipyretic, by virtue of their ability to block the cyclooxygenase enzyme responsible for the conversion of arachidonic acid into prostaglandins.

The active principles of spirea, however, limited by a method selective synthesis of PGE2 responsible for the symptomatology related to rheumatism to which, at otherwise salicylates procured synthetically not expose to ulcerous events rather is able reduce spasms and events of gastric erosion.

The vasoprotective effect of the flavonoids, strengthens the anti-inflammatory effect. The analgesic action of Spirea is not instantaneous, but subsequent to the anti-inflammatory action. The Spirea can be used even in the treatment of acute articular rheumatism.

It is believed that the plant is able to resolve different reactions articular and the histamine release induced by the active ingredients themselves; diuretic action facilitates, among other things, the removal of metabolic residues.

Own this behavior diuretic and anti cellulitis facilitates the elimination of nitrogenous waste uric acid and chloride, resulting for this reason adequate in the therapy against water retention, of edema, cellulitis and gout.

On the latter also acts as an anti-inflammatory (thanks to salicylates) and as a protector of capillaries (thanks to flavonols). The active principles even show anticoagulant activity. This plant should not be combined with antiplatelet drugs such as Ginkgo and should not be administered to persons with excessive sensitivity to acid-acetyl-salicylic acid.

Have recently been examined antimicrobial and antioxidant activity, induced by the presence of flavonoids. Are not applicable in the bibliography nor toxicity or unwanted side effects.

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