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Rhodiola - Pag. 2

E > Micra:

Rhodiola: natural ingredient of E > Micra

improvement of cardiac function

It is now known as stress represents one of the major causes of hazards due to dysfunction of the heart and the cardio-circulatory system. The adaptogenic action performed from the extract of Rhodiola Rosea is accomplished by modulating the heart's response to stress and is then oriented to the defense of the heart tissue.

The increase of the endurance of fatigue occurs thanks to the expansion of the sub-layer (fatty acids) for the generation of ATP so it will be participant in an amount of energy appropriate to the needs of the muscles during intense and prolonged physical preparations with resulting improvement of bodily activities and increased tolerance to stress (due also to the possibility of Rhodiola to allow a fast regularization of the quantities of lactic acid and uric).

Clinical studies have also demonstrated an improvement in blood pressure, of the wrist, of the Lung function and time to stabilize the heartbeat.
Outcome anabolic on muscle tissue: Rhodiola has the possibility to expand the amount of glutamic acid and protein in the muscles in the same way as anabolic steroids but without causing adverse effects typical of prolonged intake of the latter. It also highlights an improvement in sexual function.

Improvement functionality of auditory

Even the possibility that Rhodiola is able of influence the auditory organ was abundantly evaluated. The verification was performed on 19 persons. Prior the experiment, the subjects examined were subjected to audiometric tests and was found a reduced propagation of noise effects both in bone than through the air. The subjects assumed 100 mg. of Rhodiola extract and 100 mg. of Eleuterocco extract , to assimilate for two times a day for 2-3 weeks, and 19 patients assumed Rhodiola, while the other 19 patients assumed the eluterocco. At the end of therapy the conductivity both aerial that osseous improved in all subjects to whom was given the extract of Rhodiola.

In Parkinson’s disease the alteration of the substantia nigra is due to a diminished contribution of dopamine, while acetylcholine becomes superabundant and particularly active. The assimilation of Rhodiola Rosea produces an increase in the amount of dopamine in the brain and therefore its use is very useful in treating parkinsonian symptoms. Rhodiola R is in a position to prevent the most obvious consequences of Parkinsonism such as asthenia and hypotension.


The exceptional qualities conferred by the Russian folk tradition to the “golden root”, which is currently recognized with the variety Rhodiola Rosea, have been validated by rigorous examinations. From the truths of experimentation it was found that this root has the means to be valued much more than just an adaptogen, thanks to the curative validity manifested in many fields.

However, in order to acquire the desired benefits of taking the essence, it is essential to make sure that the product that you are taking is of the original genre “rosea” as in E > Micra which is, as we have said, the one the activity of which has been scientifically documented to the results known to us and whose safety and medical utility has been clinically proven in humans.

From comparative studies carried out on rhizomes belonging to the variety Rhodiola was found in How does the molecule of salidroside is equally applicable in different species from rosea, while the compounds rosavin, rosarin and rosin, are typically distinctive of Rhodiola rosea. It should be useful and then use extracts in which the titration is reported in these molecules.

Although additional research are still rightful for vetting certain mechanisms of action and potential applications, it remains surely evident that the Rhodiola Rosea has all the basic qualities to occupy a primary role among supplements of the latest formulation as E > Micra.

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