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Fumitory: natural ingredient of E > Micra

Fumitory: natural ingredient of E > MicraThe tree (Fumaria officinalis) contains in itself the group of alkaloids berberine and protopina, tannin, potassium and fumaric acid with features purifying, cleansing, diuretic, laxative, stomachic and tonic. In the past it was working to heal various diseases but especially as a laxative, stimulating the secretion of bile and protector of view. A correct dosages is stimulating blood circulation and breathing, while at high doses results in the lowering of these functions. Is considered in many countries of the world like plant that helps in the longevity.

Main constituents
  • Iso quinoline alkaloids: capnina bulb, canadina, coptisina, coridalina, dicentrina, criptopina, fumaricina, fumarilina, fumaritina, netilidrastina, protopina, sanguinari-
    ne, sinactina and other
  • Flavonoids: isoquercitrin, rutin, quercetin-3-3-7-diglucosi-
    de arabinoglucoside
  • Acids: chlorogenic and caffeic acid.

To the dosages indicated is a safe plant. It is also peptic diuretic, laxative, detoxifying, appetizing, valid in atheroscle-
rosis, hypertension, asthenia in adjuvant also in diseases of the bile which regulates the flow. The chimney is also used for the small hepatic failure and is also aid in the prevention as arteriosclerosis. Works as anti spasmolytic on smooth muscle and is a good anti-inflammatory valid in the hepatic migraines.

Therapeutic use

Since ancient times, we make use of Fumaria for the treatment of hepato-biliary problems. Recent research has allowed to establish the mechanism of action of the plant which seems to act as anfo choleretic regularizing the gallbladder motility increasing bile flow when this is lacking and locking it when it is in excess. Particularly interesting is the charitable work of the plant in the inconveniences of salivary secretion which may occur in patients treated with psychotropic drugs (antidepressants and neuroleptics). Fumaria has proven to limit the decrease of saliva secretion that may have as a side outcome in patients that make use of such drugs.

Side effects

At the doses of Fumaria medicinal preparations are non-toxic, unless there is a specific individual sensitivity.

The tree

One of the most common names for this vegetable is “grass jaundice” that interprets exactly the popular use of the plant. The Fumaria produces a beneficial result on gallstones and an interesting spasmolytic activity in the treatment of digestive problems and arising complications such as abdominal pains and abdominal bloating.
It also generates an improvement in the general symptoms associated with hepatic changes that occur in the form of fatigue, lack of appetite and headache. It is a good antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory and can be used to combat dermatitis and exanthemas caused by auto-intoxication, renal and hepatic or allergies.

The Fumitory can be a valuable aid for diseases of the liver, congestion or chronic hepatitis, due to its choleretic effect stimulating the secretion of bile. For its antispasmodic and diuretic effect purification, as well as a blood thinner, intervenes by regulating high blood pressure. The Fumitory has features especially for detoxifying the body. It can be mainly used as a tonic for the secretion of bile and protector of view.
The Fumitory is indicated in migraine triggered by digestive disturbances or associated with dyspeptic disorders.

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