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Feverfew - Pag. 1

E > Micra:

Feverfew: natural ingredient of E > Micra

Chemical composition

Feverfew: natural ingredient of E > MicraThe most important active principles are sesquiterpene lactones called parthenoli-
des. The strong aroma of the plant comes from an essential oil rich in camphor. Contains in itself also a fair amount of flavonoids and sequiterpenic lactones (parthenolide, germacranolide); guaianoli-
di; monotepenici essential oils (camphor); flavonoids (apigenin derivatives) polyacetylene derivatives.

Part used

The flowers and aerial parts of the plant

Pharmaceutical preparations recommended

Dry pulverized and titled in parthenolide min. 0.5% - in E > Micra 1% (British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, 1990), whose daily dose is 6 to 7 mg. per kg. of body weight, distributed in two distributions better if far from meals.

therapeutic properties

Acts in opposition to the headache; the dry extract of tansy as that contained in E> Micra, has proven to block the formation of substances furthering the inflammatory manifestations such as, for example, leukotriene B4, thromboxane B2 and some interleukins.

This occurs because the plant extract prevents the activity of various protein compounds that are responsible for synthesis of the substances mentioned above. Besides that this plant gave way to prove to be able to significantly reduce the production of serotonin, which is a substance able to accommodate the formation of crisis of headache by means the thrombocytes.

These events are mainly due to parthenolides. Was performed a clinical study on 72 patients with cephalic frequent crises. They were divided into two groups, where those who were in the first group were taking one tablet containing 82 mg per day. of dry extract of tansy and those who were belonging to the other a placebo for 4 months.

The same patients would compile a diary where they were to make a note of frequency, time course and intensity of the attacks. The results put in evidence that was detected a 24% decrease in the amount and intensity of the crisis of headache patients in the group treated with the extract of tansy respect of the controls but the course of the attacks was not significantly changed.

It was also detected a decrease in the crisis of retching often associated with attacks of headache. The days of work lost by reason of the crisis of headache in the group taking the extract were 68 compared to 76 in the group with fake medication. There were no side effects worth mentioning. It must be said that the function of tansy is of type substantially preventive, especially in vasomotor headache type.

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