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Exclusive Swiss Formulations

By more than 20 years direct sales of its natural products

By more than 20 years direct sales of its natural productsWonderup S.a.g.l. born by the will of three founding partners who are committed to the quality of products that are offered directly to customers around the world thanks to the efficiency of the distribution platform of the Internet that can reach the customer in any continent. In over 20 years, Wonderup S.a.g.l. with natural products to its line Naturdieta, has grown steadily up the challenges of the market and offering himself as a landmark in the field of natural cosmetics and supplements, with safe and effective formulas derived from extensive experience and ongoing research.

Strong of values and Switzerland tradition, the company is committed to pursuing development goals. Decisive reality of Wonderup S.a.g.l. is in fact the business of selling through the internet that allows to market the products through a system of doorstep selling which guarantees the customer, comfortably at home, a personalized service with advice and insight that can be obtained directly by mail, newsletter, dedicated telephone numbers, Skype and Messenger.

Naturdieta: sales activity is conducted through the InternetDeveloped in the sign of its values, the brand Wonderup S.a.g.l and its line of natural products Naturdieta boast solid international roots. Wonderup S.a.g.l. is located in Canton Ticino in Switzerland and is inspired by Helvetic traditional herbalist to create natural products for personal wellness.

In terms of the products was confirmed that the choice is to preserve the vein of the legendary Swiss herbalist formulation, preserving the formulas which confirmed the success of many products and consumer satisfaction.
Wonderup S.a.g.l. however also confirms its philosophy of the new open society, able to understand in advance the trends and the needs of modern consumers and able to start an innovative area of research and testing of new formulation concepts, always directed to the appropriate balance between nature science and technology.
The brand Wonderup-Naturdieta is on the market for more than twenty years and the company offers its products worldwide.

The philosophy: traditional natural method and Swiss wisdom

The principles of philosophy which inspire and guide the business choices of Wonderup GmbH are the excellence of the product, which guarantees the best efficiency, safety and tolerability. Suitable for all the family, the products of the Naturdieta meet the various needs and are appreciated by the most demanding customer.

The dedication to the customer, which is continually renewed by direct contact, environmental and social commitment that is expressed with the use of recyclable packaging materials and information published with papers from managed forests and sustainable method of staff valuation and partner who is practical in the professional training and support.

Naturdieta: exclusive swiss formulations

The exclusive swiss formulas of Wonderup S.a.g.l.products are respectful of tradition, safe and effective.
With the Naturdieta natural line, Wonderup S.a.g.l.has dedicated almost 20 years to the formulation of herbal and cosmetics products original and efficacious, offering natural products inspired by tradition and faithful to the historical principles of herbal medicine that is inspired by the Galenic tradition, in which individual constituents are used as the basic ingredients to the active substances vegetable, mineral and marine.

The herbal formulas of product line Naturdieta proved immediately successful. Each product (there are more than twenty) arises from superior quality raw materials as a result of meticulous research and careful laboratory evaluations with particular attention the most restrictive Swiss and international regulations.

On all labels is written and classified all the ingredients, the batch, the year of manufacture and expiry, the Italian name of the main plants used and the part of the plant that produces the essences.

Analogic period

The birth of Spagyric, interested in the search of the essential chemical called QuintessenceThe birth of Spagyric, interested in the search of the essential chemical called Quintessence, is due to the exceptional figure of Paracelsus (Teofrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim), Swiss physician and alchemist (1493-1541). According to the method of “signature” the quintessence was searched in external signs such as shape and special characteristics of the plants and consequently was given the type of cosmic energy which was penetrated through research and affinity, tried to back to his curative power.

Paracelsus shooting the important hermetic concept that man (the microcosm) is the model and faithful semblance of the universe (macrocosm) and furthered a range of knowledge to shape a comprehensive and holistic concept of existence and knowledge of the man and disease.

The science phase

The science phaseThat which will can define the new herbal medicine, developed after 1700, with the evolution of knowledge in chemistry, medicine and botany.
With Morgagni, the founder of pathological anatomy in its contemporary form, projecting the bases of modern scientific knowledge. He was responsible for the breakdown in human organs with the identification of distinct diseases. Virchow, considered the most important physician of the nineteenth century, in his "Treatise of Pathology" identified the pathology of the cell, promoting the scientific concept of the passage by the body to the cell and its parts.

From this forms the pharmacological research of active ingredient that may act on the pathology of the cell and the extraction of the active ingredient from the plant with the preparation of the synthesis product.
In this way are drawn two roads where, on the one hand, herbal medicine uses a method that is directed on the pharmacological active substance isolated, stable and perfectly calibrated, i.e. the targeted therapy, while the other side that attends phytotherapy not deny the herbal tradition and directs the plant complex with the use of medicinal plant in toto, evaluated as harmonic and dynamic biochemical entity since individual particles, associated in the plant complex, have the force of operate more harmonious and in synergy with the organism level.

Wonderup S.a.g.l. - Naturdieta Line & “The Third Way”

The third way, the most complete and actual, derives from the integration of both approaches: the rigor of scientific knowledge applied to the plants, the study of their active ingredients, attention to the mode of action and possible side effects and contraindications, with the wealth of traditional knowledge and empirical knowledge accumulated in various cultures over thousands of years, bearers of a global vision and broader human health and disease.

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